As senior year comes to a close, and I search for media related jobs, I haven’t had time to actively post content. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t created anything, I’ve created a lot. But I have to do a better job about making my blog post more habitual. However, I’ve been working on several […]

While I haven’t been posting as much as I should, I’ve certainly been busy. The title I chose for this blog has two different meanings. First, on Weds. March 23rd I covered a protest deemed “New Lease on Life.” Hundreds of people demonstrated against the the government auctioning leases for oil drilling involving 43 million acres […]

After a week full of work, I thought today would be a nice day to relax. Today, I decided to have  have a little fun and forget about work and school. My friend Bianca and I decided to head down to Magazine St. to go to a local pawnshop, get lunch and to explore the city a […]

Today I had to make a choice. I could go to class and do my routine sitting in and listening to lectures, or I could be a reporter for the day and attend a press conference featuring Bill Clinton endorsing Hillary Clinton at the Ashe Powerhouse Theatre. I chose the latter. This was my first […]

  On Saturday Feb. 20, 2016, I covered a celebration of Black History at the Macy’s Dept. store in Metairie, La. Macy is known for participating and celebrating black history month at many of their locations. At this particular store, Macy’s celebrated black history month in New Orleans by inviting three black-owned businesses to show their exclusive entree’s […]

Inspired by at blog post I saw posted on reddit, I decided i wanted to do some amateur dramatic product shoots. Essentially, what the blogger posted was a small tutorial on how to achieve dramatic product shots, where the product is fully or partially lit and the background is black. I’m sure everyone has seen […]

Today marks the beginning of my new photo adventure. Photography by Eric C. (A brand of  Fotocraig, though I’m still working what Fotocraig actually is beside my alias.) Myriad pro and Edlrne, with a little bit of  creative imagination gives birth to my first photography logo. While it is incredibly basic, it works and, most importantly, […]

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to document Xavier University’s Golden Girls Pom Squad during their appearance in the Krewe of Mid-City, a parade leading up to Mardi Gras. Last year I took photos of the group, and ended up with over 900 pictures. Unfortunately, I din’t have 900 good shots, I had somewhere between […]

Late last year, my friend Bianca Moore asked if I would be able to help chaperone her dance team during the Krewe of Mid City, a parade leading up to Mardi Gras day. Of course, I agreed, Last year I documented the Golden Girls Pom Squad during their participation in the Krewe of Mid City […]

Recently, I’ve seem to be devoting more of my time to video than photography. I don’t think that makes me any less of a photographer, but it instead makes me a bit more versatile. Since I’ve always been a fan of the visual arts (limited to photography and videography really) it doesn’t hurt to practice […]